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Freight experts ready to maximize your transportation efficiency.

Hannebaum Grain revolutionized grain hauling back in 1979 when we realized the potential benefits of long-haul trucking over rail transportation, and we’ve only built up our capabilities since. We have thousands of trucks at our disposal, ready to move your product—be it grain, feed, rock, livestock, or whatever else is at the heart of your operation.
Haul with Hannebaum

We haul the rock on which the American Midwest is built.

Public construction projects are a critical part of America’s infrastructure with little margin for error. That’s why so many project managers trust Hannebaum Trucking and H&S Logistics to supply their sites, on time and on budget.

H&S Logistics is a dedicated team built entirely around serving your trucking & logistics needs.

That's right. We formed an entire company back in 2014 to deal with the hauling, transportation, and logistics that fuel the ag economy our customers power. H&S Logistics, LLC, can help you get your goods from A to B as efficiently as possible, reducing your costs and maximizing the profits you generate on every transaction.
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