The story of Hannebaum Grain

It all began in a basement. Leon Hannebaum’s basement, to be exact. In a dark, unfinished corner, at a steel desk that weighed roughly as much as an SUV, Leon put his vision into motion.

That was in 1979. His vision? Trade grain by building relationships with regional farmers and elevators. Add real value to their operations by cutting down time and cost with efficient approaches—like breaking free of rails and utilizing trucks to get commodities closer to their destinations. Connect producers and end users in ways that made sense to both parties, and then put available assets to use all along the supply chain in order to benefit even more customers.

It turns out Leon’s vision was a good one, because we’re still here, all these years later. And we’re still doing the things we set out to do: helping those in the agricultural community improve the return on their investment and hard work, through commodity trading, trucking and logistics, and innovations like crop insurance.

We’re always improving upon our foundation, while keeping our foundation rocksteady. Because we’re in this for the long haul. With you.
hannebaum grain office

Our company is our people. Merchandisers, accountants, & customer service folks, all ready to help you reach your ag econ goals.

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